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Founded by Tim Hollands and Julia Wharington, Original Zest is an Australian video production and photography company that specialises in visual content for the food and beverage industry.

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Visual content creators and passionate foodies.
Through video and photos, we love to tell food stories. We are excited to bring you along on a journey to discover Australia’s diverse food scene.

Through years of experience in the food and beverage industry, we truly understand Australia's unique culinary position in the global food market.

We understand food and the key messages that resonate with your target market both domestically and internationally. We are right on top of food trends and where they are heading. This puts us in the best position to ensure your visual content is relevant and speaks to your customers.

Nowhere else would you find a visual content creation production house more passionate about the culinary world. And we are driven by the desire to share our passion with the world.

What inspires us is Australia's unique food culture and the people and brands behind it. As storytellers we are excited to immerse ourselves in our food producers' individual stories and help them engage with their audience.

Work with us if you are after powerful imagery, videos, or recipes. We deliver original content that is brief-driven and tailored to your brand.

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Tim Hollands

/ Chef / Producer / Director

Julia Wharington

/ Photographer / Videographer

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